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Emergence of “disease”


The 5 biological laws of nature

1. Biological programs are caused by a conflict shock

2. Biological programs always run in two phases

3. All biological programs are controlled by a particular brain area, which determines their process

The germ layers and their assignment to the particular brain areas

     Inner germ layer (endoderm)

     Middle germ layer (mesoderm)

     Outer germ layer (ectoderm)

4. All microorganisms serve a useful purpose in symbiosis with humans

5. All biological programs fulfill a meaningful purpose



So-called “carcinogenic“ substances


So-called “chronical diseases”

The senselessness of preventive checkups



So-called "psychic diseases"


Biological Programs, arranged according to the brain parts, from which they are controlled, and their triggering conflicts


Biological Programs controlled by the brain stem

Morsel conflicts

     Oral submucosa

     Parotid gland


     Pharyngeal tonsils

     Lower third of the esophagus

     Stomach (Greater curvature)

     Small intestine

     Large intestine (Colon)


     Thyroid gland

Starvation conflict

     Liver tissue (Liver parenchyma)

Mortal fear conflict

     Pulmonary alveoli

Conflict dealing with conception



Existence conflict / Refugee conflict

     Kidney collecting ducts

Insufferable stress

     Adrenal medulla

Conflict of getting rid of something

     Bladder (Bladder trigone / Trigonum vesicae)

Conflict of not being able to get pregnant

     Muscle tissue of the uterus (Myometrium)

Severe loss conflict

     Germinal epithelium of the testicles

     Germ line cells of the ovaria


Biological Programs controlled by the cerebellum

Attack conflicts

     Heart sac (Pericard)

     Visceral pleura


Defilement conflicts


Worry conflict

     Mammary glands


Biological Programs controlled by the cerebral medulla

Self-worth conflicts


     Teeth (Dentin)

     Lymph nodes

     Conjunctive tissue

     Voluntary, striated muscles

     Heart muscle (Myocardium)

Loss conflicts



Water conflict / Liquid conflict

     Renal tissue (Renal parenchyma)

Conflict "Running in the wrong direction"

     Adrenal cortex


Biological Programs controlled by the cerebral cortex

Territorial conflicts

Territorial fear conflict

     Bronchial mucosa

Territorial loss conflict

     Coronary vessels

Territorial anger conflict

     Gastric mucosa – Stomach entrance (Cardia),           Lesser curvature, Pylorus

     Duodenal mucosa

     Hepatic biliary ducts

     Pancreatic ducts

Territorial marking conflict

     Bladder mucosa

Territorial identity conflict

     Rectal mucosa

Sexual frustration conflict / Not being able to mate

     Mucosa of the neck of the womb (Cervix) / Mucosa of the mouth of the womb

Separation conflicts


Visual separation conflict


Severe visual separation conflict


Partner or child separation conflict

     Mammary ducts

Scare conflict


Frontal fear conflict

     Disused branchial arch ducts

Motoric conflicts

     Voluntary, striated muscles

Conflict of being reluctant

     Insulin producing beta cells of the pancreas

Fear and disgust conflict

     Glucagon producing alpha cells of the pancreas

Scent conflict

     Nasal mucosa / Paranasal sinus mucosa

Oral conflict

     Oral mucosa / tongue

Conflict of not being allowed to bite

     Tooth enamel


Way of proceeding in case of
symptoms of a biological program

Questions and answers

Terminology as used by Dr. Hamer